Artist statement 2019

My work is about the challenges facing contemporary life on earth at this moment in time. Reflecting on the rapid rate of change in a world that is unrecognizable from one day to the next. It explores a sense of uneasiness and transition, optimism and hope. I paint the uncertainty of this.


Climatically, technologically, politically and socially, things are moving rapidly. It can seem to be beyond any sense of order or vision. What we hear and see every day, on our media platforms, in our family and friend's faces, in our neighbourhoods and communities, about our shared future.


We live in a world that is hard to know or trust. Big torn shapes, pieces of matter flying, chaos, movement, turmoil, very little control. Are things out of hand, do we know what comes next?


Rapid movement, disturbance, turmoil and division are key aspects of this work. That said, there is still undeniable beauty, compassion, love and trust reflected in the vibrant colour and massing of pastel swathes of paint. We are in new and challenging times, and where this will lead is difficult to tell. This is what I paint.