Artist statement 2018

This abstract work contrasts disruption and tension with possible hope and renewal. A contrast of techniques is used to create energies that have a strong emotional component. For example thick gestural textures lie alongside flat scraped back areas. There is a chaotic fragmented effect where ideas about landscape and the sky focus on the power of climatic phenomenon. The uncertainty and uneasiness of weather events such as hailstorms is referred to.


Spatial perspectives in the work are influenced by images from weather maps. The viewer is placed at a distance high above an abstracted landscape. A kind of underlying planet is viewed from above, fractured cloud obscuring the geometric makings of a now disappearing civilization. A feeling of profound change and upheaval lies in the violent forces overriding the underlying geometries of a once structured and considered place.


The work suggests a maelstrom of dueling power, dark calamitous events that breed an uncertain future in a tumultuous world. Regeneration comes in the form of shards or swathes of bright regenerative colour juxtaposed with fragile pastel shapes. Dark energies rule, and what will prevail is unknown, but a new order may be possible in the vibrant suggestive colouring. These paintings articulate a dark testament to the unknown, while holding the potential for a new genesis.


Movement, speed and colour depict a fast devolving world. Glimpses of pure force suggest dire consequences in the form of unstoppable energies. There are fragments of peace and beauty, but terrible uncertainty prevails, the future is unclear, and the moment is yet to play out, for better or worse