Artist statement 2016

Early childhood sensory experiences combined with current environmental concerns inform the structure, qualities and mood of this abstract work.


Weather extremes and climactic drama were hugely important in a childhood spent in regional Australia. Dust storms, bush fires, floods, drought and lack of rain ruled life. Survival depended on anticipating and interpreting these occurrences. Days and weeks were foretold in colour, temperature and cloud shape. A great deal of time was spent looking at the sky.


Intense atmospheric sensations are now reinterpreted with the pending changes in weather. Dark forces trace paths over a changing landscape of habitation. There are angular built patterns along with organic areas of colour, light and optimism. 


The power and frequency of storms can forewarn patterns of climate. Sudden shifts in the air, the smell, taste and sound of rain, the drop in temperature… a source of hope and renewal, but sometimes danger.


These paintings have elements of disturbance and tension, though they also carry promise. The images use contrasts to balance ideas, predictions and histories. Mark, tone, texture and form are used to suggest changing perspectives that involve beauty, terror and hope.